The Encounter-September 2017

Pastor Alan Brooks & James Clovis look more deeply into the Second Commandment, their discoveries will intrigue you...

Life Swap

Chapter 16 of the Gospel of Luke ends with the profound story of two men who lived vastly different lives on Earth, but had swapped places after death came knocking, causes all of us to remember, everyone lives forever...the BIG question is where and how.

Failed Expectations

Our lives are filled with failed expectations, but some have more serious and longer term consequences.   This teaching from Luke 16 looks at how to deal with these before its too late.

Wealth Management

Luke chapter 16 looks at the actions & attitudes of an untrustworthy wealth manager and compares them with the those of some modern ones.

The Encounter-August 2017

In our August Encounter, Pastor Alan Brooks & Joe Morris examine the importance of the first commandment and unearth some profound supernatural discoveries.


In Luke chapter 15 we see the religious elite continue to vocally criticize as more and more sinners are drawn to Jesus. In response, Jesus gives three stories that explain why.

A Dinner Invitation

Guest Teacher Tony Arellano teaches from Luke 14. Jesus has sent out an invitation to a banquet in His Kingdom.  Will you come, or make excuses?  

Dare to Be Humble

Elder Leonard Apodaca guest teaches from Luke. "Dare to be Humble"

The Encounter-July 2017

Pastor Alan and special guest Doug Abrams examine the importance of prayer in this month's Encounter teaching.

A Man on a Mission

Jesus was the ultimate example of a man on a mission.  This teaching looks at He responds to a death threat as He draws closer to His mission's completion.

Free At Last

In this Bible study from Luke chapter 13 we see a miraculous healing that results in a wide range of reactions .

The Encounter-June 2017

In our June Encounter Celebration, Pastor Alan & special guest Jenni Beadle explore another essential part of experiencing God's presence in our personal life.

Clear and Present Danger

Our series, The Good News Doctor, continues into Gospel of Luke chapter 13 as Jesus explains a clear and present danger.

Interpreting the Present Time

This teaching  from the Gospel of Luke chapter 12 examines the reason Jesus calls the crowds hypocrites, and the  crucial question that He poses to them to validate His indictment.

The Dividing Line

In this teaching from Luke chapter 12 we look at another very difficult passage, one  that talks about some of the unintended consequences of Jesus first coming and the eternal consequences of His second.

The Encounter-May 2017

As part of our monthly Encounter Celebration, Pastors Alan Brooks & Leonard Apodaca look at the important spiritual discipline of being with the least of these.

Ready & Waiting

In our series, The Good News Doctor, Pastor Alan Brooks looks at Jesus' directives to His disciples  in preparing for His return.

Kingdom Living

In our series, The Good News Doctor, Pastor Alan Brooks looks at Jesus' teaching on anxiety in Luke chapter 12 and what we should know & do about it.